We Are Always Looking for Talent

We hire independent contractors to help you do what you love and get paid for it! See the positions below that we're currently seeking. 

Independent Contractor

As an Independent Contractor you will: 

  • ​Perform maintenance and light repairs

  • Paint and fill gaps or crevices (on walls, sidewalks etc.)

  • Undertake light installation 

  • Repair equipment or appliances

  • Assist and possibly train & oversee tradespeople with electrical, plumbing or HVAC repairs

  • Undertake duties as assigned or emergency tasks (e.g. shoveling snow)

  • Identify and report the need for major repairs

Sales Contractor

As an Independent Sales Contractor you will: 

  • Make important business connections and take advantage of multiple networking opportunities

  • Work with Customer Relationship Management database for managing clients, leads, and opportunities

  • Work with both short-term and long-term client projects when necessary

  • Provide sales experience, knowledge, and expertise to the advantage of client and company

  • Learn about direct competition in order to help optimize services offered

Leasing Team

As part of our Leasing Team you will: 


  • Present properties and provided amenities in a positive light to prospective tenants via scheduled appointments and open houses

  • Confirm rental application data and personal references

  • Stay knowledgeable of the property market status

  • Provide information on all aspects of properties (expansion, zoning, crime etc)

Maintenance Team

As part of our maintenance team you will: ​

  • Perform manual repairs when necessary (fix locks, replace windows, etc.)

  • Conduct general upkeep procedures (ex. landscaping) and other tasks as assigned (painting, carpentry, clean-out).

  • Clean facilities by sweeping, dusting etc.

  • Perform routine landscaping on the grounds

  • Inspect property regularly and schedule repairs as needed. 

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